keskiviikko 19. helmikuuta 2014

Go way back

  Me, my husband and Mari t-shirts
I hope you also notice my stylish glasses and fashionable summer hat.

Perhaps he ought be a circus clown or acrobat rather than a teacher. Anyway, I think it's just the same. 

Someone is busy while the other is energy efficient.....   

and then after a few years...

the whole family in Mari-shirts:)
 Carmis this week's is theme 'Go Way Back'. 
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4 kommenttia:

  1. These photos are all adorable! The clowning around is just wonderful, and as a matter of fact I was wondering, where could I get such a lovely hat.

  2. That's just like the handstands I used to do!

  3. And those are the bell-bottoms I used to do them in!

    Very nice.


  4. There is such a wonderful spirit to all of these photos. I could almost feel it through my screen. I'm so glad you shared, and hope you'll participate in future themes (new one going up later today.) You have an incredible eye.