torstai 7. helmikuuta 2013

Men in long coats

This week's photo in Sepia Saturday gives ideas of
winter, snow, men in long coats a lamp-post, barrels....
I picked him... 
About 1930 in USA,
 one of those black days.
His company has gone bankrupt
and he is is just on his way from business negotiation.
I'm sure, his loan application was rejected.
That old coat doesn't help much ... and the winter is coming.
Meanwhile in Finland...
My great uncle Lauri and his friend August
are on their way  to organize some political affairs in Vaasa.
Judging from their looks, things are just fine.
Little did they know...
Luckily they have warm ulster coats on...
after the war
My Aunt-Ilta and his friend Eero are on their way to organize some commercial affairs in Vaasa. Still  after the war food, clothes, shoes - everything was strictly rationed. You could buy certain amount of flour, milk,sugar, meat etc.- and that was little.
Perhaps Aunt-Ilta wanted to buy a new hat or shoes, but it was not easy. Such things people had to  buy from black market or at least from greyish market, or make them self.  Or maybe they were selling some groceries for city people.
Anyhow they look happy, war is over sun is shining and Eero has his old but repaired ulster coat on.
War Time Rationing Coupon  February 1942 owned by Miina from Karijoki
I don't know who Miina was but her coupon was found from the basement of our summer home. With this coupon Miina could buy two units of milk every day. How big was her share/unit was depended on her age and what kind of work she was doing.
Still one more photo
Our frozen summer home 1985
 In 1985 January and February were about ten degrees colder than average.
At Salla in Nothern Finland the lowest temperature was -50.4 degrees.
For more stories about winter, snow, lamp-posts, long coats or barrels click Sepia Saturday.


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  1. What a great take on the theme! You have such a large collection of overcoat photos that this is perfect for you. I like how you wove bits of history into the presentation of each photo.

  2. At minus 50 you really do need a good coat.

    Why do men in long coats and trilby hats always look sinister?

  3. Good to see some walking pictures by street photographers in Finland, thank you.

  4. A lovely post tied together by long coats. That is how memories work - images lead to other images : it is a mad filing system that throws up all sorts of wonderful connections.

  5. The man in the long coatfrom the prompt remids me of Harry Lime in the film "The Third Man." Your photos tell a story within a period of history we hope will never come again. Great post. Minus 50C - now I know why there are no monkeys in Finland.

  6. Excellent collection of photos, and spot on with the theme as well:)

  7. I enjoyed your text underneath the first picture. And minus 50C, all I can say is BRRRRRR!

  8. Now when we have so much of everything, it's hard to imagine ration coupons. I remember my mother cutting butter into small squares that she rationed to us and also coffee being a huge street and available maybe once a month.
    A fine array of overcoats in your photos and I love your summer house, frozen or not!!

  9. I love the photo of your red house in the snow. But 50C. Living in California really has me spoiled.

  10. You taught us a lot in your neat story! My mom remembers having shoes rationed and how you had to buy them big for the kids so that they would last a while. -50??? That is sooo cold. The coldest that I have been in was -27, a couple of years ago here in La Pine, Oregon. Crisp. We had to leave home at 4:30 a.m. and drive over the mountain pass ... very, very cold.

    Thanks for your wonderful post,

    Kathy M.

  11. Those long coats were really very smart. We have no use for them now we live in warmer climes though :)

  12. You do a marvelous job of spinning a delightful story from just an overcoat and snow fall. I enjoyed your photos and how you pieced it all together.

  13. You Walk Through The Theme With A Lot Of Style!

  14. What a great story, overcoat, history, family -- delightful. Considering the times, it's a good thing that Ulster coat was such a sturdy well-made garment--- and he looked very good in it.

  15. Minus 50C!! Now you're talking.
    Someone who can relate to what we go through here at times.
    I don't wear such long coats anymore,
    but a shearling is the way to go, as far as I'm concerned.
    The comfiest coat I've ever worn.
    But i"ll grant you this much,
    these long coats were elegant.