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Ajetaan fillarilla - bikes

This week's Sepia Saturday photo challenge offers you the uniforms, guns, cops and bicycles.
I think I choose bikes.
First a photo from my aunt Senja's album.
At the back of  this photo there is a text - "to Milja". I don't know who Milja was and why this photo is in my great aunt Senja's collection.  There are many other photos of handsome young men that belonged also to Milja and this my guess: Milja was getting married and she had to get rid of all photos of her past admirers. So she gave them to my aunt Senja  
The photo was taken at City Park, Washington St. Entrance, Portland, Oregon  by Cal Calvert Mazeograph Studio 1910. 
This is also taken in the same studio and from Senja's album, unfortunately again unknown gentlemen in an airplane.
Studio backdrops and setups were arranged next to each other in the studio. Presumably the customer would select one and move into position, the photographer would aim the camera, and ten minutes later the patron would have their custom post cards. This studio is well known for it's humorous setup and backdrop of an airplane over Portland.

Back to bicycles, now in Finland and to aunt Hilda's album.
In the 1920s the bicycle was at first very manly vehicle.
Aunt Hilda's friend was a modern lady, she bought a bicycle despite the common opinion
- bicycles were not for women.
around 1930-1940  and my family album
Also my father had a bicycle. Here he is driving and his friend is sitting at the back. As a young man my father was a "pelimanni" and it was easy for him to carry his banjo with a bike. I think accordion players had much more difficulties driving bike and carrying  accordion at the same time.
( Pelimanni music is Finnish traditional folk and dance music, sorry I can't translate it in English.)
My brother with our first and new bicycle,


and of course I also had to go to the picture.
I think the bike was a little too big for me then.
 Our children, daughter and baby boy ( not at bike age yet ),
 and their two friends.
And finaly around 2000 he ( our baby boy ) really is at the bike age.
Now he's a family man and luckily not a motorbike man any more.
And the latest invention on bikes,
our youngest grandchild learning balance with his kickbike.

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  1. pidän kovasti näistä kuvatarinoistasi. mieleeni nousi kuva omasta isästäni polkupyörineen 1930-luvun lopulla ja miten kauniita daameja hänen rinnallaan olikaan. muistaakseni isä kertoi pyörän maksaneen koko vuotuisen palkan.

    1. Kiitos Ilona! Pyörät olivat varmasti arvokkaita, ilmankos niiden kanssa oli mentävä valokuvaankin. Autoja ei ollut ja polkupyörä antoi uutta vapautta nuorille. Aika pitkiä matkoja isänikin pyörällä kulki soittomatkoillaan.

  2. You have nearly a century of 'family' bikes brought right up to date with your grandson. Love Aunt Hilda's friend/

  3. These were terrific! I love that second one, it is SO steampunk! Theresa Rogers where are you? (She's going to love it too.)

  4. Aunt Hilda's friend has an independent air about her - another trail blazing woman who wasn't afraid to step out of the ordinary and into a category of her own.

  5. It is interesting that in all these years, the bicycle hasn't changed that much.

  6. I love all the old black and white bicycle photos and also the studio photo of the plane.

  7. Lovely bike pictures! The tires of the early ones (like Aunt Hilda's friend's bike) seem so big compared to today's bikes.

  8. Todella ihania kuvia <3 mukavaa syksyä sinulle ! Suvi

  9. A great snapshot of bikes through the ages. I've never seen a studio backdrop like the second one, how marvellously elaborate.

  10. All of these are such precious photos, a nice theme to follow. I especially enjoyed the second one, too funny. It's also very true I'm sure about her getting married and giving the photos away instead of just burning them! My sister-in-law gave me all her old boyfriend stuff when she got married, even an old ring that I saved for my daughter.

  11. I always thought Holland was the land of bicycles. But now I know we are not alone in Europe!

  12. Great photos! Love the photo of Aunt Hilda's friend too. I didn't know bicyles weren't considered to be for women back then.

  13. Bikes through the years gone by to the little one on his kick bike. very nice series.

  14. Wonderful set of pictures and I really like the idea that she had to get rid of the 'evidence' before she married.